Coaching for NET/SET

SET-NET Guidance Cell

Objective of Cell: The main objective of the cell is to prepare candidates for appearing in SET-NET examination, so that sufficient number of candidates becomes available for selection of Lecturers in the University system. The College has five post graduate programmes in the subject of Mathematics, Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, and Computer Science. University Grant Commission has made SET-NERT examination compulsory to recruitment as Assistant Professor in College/University. By considering the same view in mind, College is guiding the students of all PG departments for preparing SET-NET examination.

Apart from regular guidance to the students by our faculties we organise the lectures of eminent teachers of various specialization from other institutes. Prof. Arun Patil, S.G.G.S College, Nanded, Dr. J. N. Salunke, Professor, School of Mathematics, S. R. T. M. University Dr. D. D. Pawar, Director and Head, School of Mathematics, S. R. T. M. University, Nanded, Dr. Surender Nath Reddy, Assistant Professor, School of Mathematics, S. R. T. M. University, Nanded, Mr. Nitin Darkunde, School of Mathematics, S. R. T. M. University, Nanded, Mr. Phad, Assistant Professor, School of Mathematics, S. R. T. M. University, Dr. Aniket Mule, Assistant Professor, School of Mathematics, S. R. T. M. University, Nanded, Dr. Niraj Pande, Associate Professor, Yeshwant Mahavidhyalaya, Nanded, Dr. V.C. Borkar, Assistant Professor, Yeshwant Mahavidhyalaya, Nanded, Mr. B. B. Kulkarni, N. S. B. College, Nanded guide the students.

SET-NET Cell has collection of almost all question papers of SET-NET examination and their solutions are ready reference to the students. Study material is provided to students of all PG departments. Weekly practice examination is taken. Under this SET-NET Cell College purchased required book of all subjects. Notes of SET_NET examination and hard copy of books are kept in College Library.

SET-NET Cell organise the Two Week National Workshop for preparation of SET-NET exam in mathematics during June 2015. Also under this SET-NET Cell Four Week National Workshop on Guidance of SET-NET Examination in Mathematics was organised in 2017. In each week there are two SET-NET lectures are delivered by faculty of each department throughout the year. One month summer training program.

Faculty from various institutions guided the students for this examination.

From year 2010-11 under XI plan UGC has sanctioned us a scheme “SET-NET coaching for SC/ST/OBC/Minorities STUDENTS”.

As a result of consistent effort of SET-NET cell 16 students of Mathematics, 16 students of Chemistry, 07 students of Botany, 02 Students of Zoology and 02 Students of Geology are qualified in SET/NET/GATE/PET Examinations.

List of SET-NET Passed Students


Sr. No. Name of the student Name of the Examination   (NET/ SET/ GATE/PET) Subject Year of Examination
1. Mr. Bhagwat Pandit NET Mathematics NET-2011
2. Mr.  Mane B. S. NET Chemistry NET 2011
3. Mr.  Kapse O. K. NET Chemistry NET-2011
4. Mr.  Tiwde S. S. NET Chemistry NET 2011
5. Mr.  Gorshetwar S. G. NET Chemistry NET 2011
6.               x Mr.  Deshmukh N. J. NET ,GATE Chemistry NET -2011 GATE 2013
7. Mr.   Rajewar B. D. NET Chemistry NET -2011
8. Mr.  Bandewar Vyankatesh NET Mathematics NET-2012
9. Mr.  Kalyankar Y. A. NET ,GATE Chemistry NET-2012 GATE 2013
10. Mr.  Burate P. A. NET, GATE Chemistry NET-2012 GATE -2013
11. Mr.  Kalyankar B. D. NET, GATE Chemistry NET 2012 GATE – 2013
12. Mr. Waghamare B. D. NET Zoology NET-2012
13. Ms.  Deshmukh Sharmishtha SET Mathematics SET-2013
14. Mr.  Falke S. A. NET, GATE Chemistry NET 2013 GATE 2013
15. Mr.  Dhange M. M. NET, SET, GATE Chemistry NET 2013. SET 2013 GATE 2013
16. Mr. Jadhav Arunkumar H. GATE Botany GATE 2013
17. Mr. Umate Satish K. SET, PET Botany SET  2013

PET 2016

18. Mr.  Swami Prashant NET, SET Mathematics NET-2014, SET-2017
19. Mr.Sable Chandrakant G. NET Botany NET 2014
20. Mr.  Mulik N. B. NET Chemistry NET 2014
21. Mr. Dudhamal D. H. NET, SET Zoology NET-2014, SET-2014
22. Mr. Kendre Suresh SET Mathematics AUG -2015
23. Mr.  Kharode B. G. NET Chemistry NET 2015.
24. Mr.  Adkine M. H. NET, SET, GATE Chemistry NET 2015 SET2015 GATE 2016
25. Mr. Deshmukh Mohd Muzammil Mumtaz Ahemed PET Botany PET 2015
26. Mr.More Sanjay PET Botany PET 2015
27. Mr.  Kulkarni Yogesh SET Geology SET 2015
28. Mr.  Kapawar Mahesh SET Geology SET 2016
29. Mr.  Goliwad S.B. NET, GATE Chemistry NET 2016 GATE 2016
30. Mr.Gore S.F PET Botany PET 2016
31. Mr.Shinde M.A SET Botany SET 2016
32. Mr. Khandare Prakash NET- JRF (CSIR), SET, PET Mathematics NET -2016

SET-2017,  PET-2016

33. Mr.  Dhirbasi H. A. SET Mathematics SET -2016
34. Mr.Khavale Satish Ganpat PET (SRTMUN) Mathematics PET-2016
35. Mr. Jakkewad Shirikant NET, PET (SRTMUN) Mathematics NET-2016, PET-2016
36. Mr. Done Gajanan Chandrakant PET (SRTMUN) Mathematics PET-2016
37. Miss Iram Tahaleel NET (CSIR), PET Mathematics NET-2016, PET-2016
38. Miss  Bhandwalkar Vidya NET (CSIR), SET Mathematics NET-2016, SET-2016
39. Mr.Talankar Sagar NET (CSIR) Mathematics NET-2016
40. Mr. Biradar Nikhil (B.Sc. III) JAM Mathematics JAM-2016
41. Mr. More Namdev Digambarrao PET(BAMU) Mathematics PET-2016
42. Mr. Agarwal Sagar SET Mathematics SET-2017
43. Mr.  Manoorkar V. K. GATE Chemistry GATE 2017