Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was established along with quality advisory committee in 2005 as per the guidelines of NAAC, Bangalore. Inauguration ceremony of IQAC – 2005 was held at the auspicious hands of Dr. S. A. Suryawanshi, Vice Chancellor, SRTMU Nanded and Dr. Chandrakant Kokate, V.C., Kaktiya University, AP.
It is regularly functioning in college. It is actively engaged in establishing and monitoring quality initiatives and procedures as per the norms of NAAC, Bangalore. IQAC prepares the AQAR for every year outlining the various college activities aimed at providing quality education to students of this region.
Composition of IQAC for 2011-2016:

1. Dr. D. U. Gawai Chairman
2. Dr. A. S. Bansode Co-ordinator
3. Prof. M. A. Joshi Member
4. Dr. P. R. Wesnekar Member
5. Dr. D. R. Munde Member
6. Dr. L. P. Shinde Member
7. Dr. Mrs. P. S. Borkar Member
8. Dr. V. R. Marathe Member
9. Dr. Mrs. V. V. Kulkarni Member
10. Dr. P. M. Patil Member
11. Shri. B. B. Pendkar Member
12. Office Superintendent Member
13. G S of student council Member