Institutional Distinctiveness


The vision of the institute is “To educate and transform the youths to touch the life at all points with human values”



1) To promote research activity among the students and faculty.

2) To publish research papers in National and International Journals of high repute.

3) To improve the quality of research.


  • To explore new research frontiers in basic sciences.
  • To improve the teaching and learning process in the institute by using research as a tool.
  • To enhance the thinking ability among researchers.

 The Context

Research has remained a prominent activity of this institution for a long time. The vision is excellence in Science education through research and to inculcate innovative ideas among the students. The institute organizes workshops, conferences and seminars improve knowledge and inculcate research attitude among the students. The institute encourage and motivate the students to participate in it. The project of students are linked with research and provides cutting edge technologies to do research in interdisciplinary subjects. College provides research facilities in the department along with facility in Central Instrumentation Laboratory. Institute provides Library facility, internet facility, access to e-books, e-journals and databases for reference work to researchers. The faculty applies for research grants under Minor/Major projects to UGC, DST, SRTM University, Nanded, RGSTC, Mumbai and other funding agencies and also for patents. The college aims to establish advanced infrastructural facilities for research and identify thrust areas in various disciplines.

The Practice

  • College provides research facilities, well equipped lab to pursue research activities and to complete minor/major research projects
  • College sanction study leave for Ph.D. work under UGC scheme (FDP).
  • Provide financial help and necessary leave for attending conferences/ seminars for presentation of research papers.
  • Laboratory facilities like Chemicals, glass wares and some sophisticated instruments like FTIR, HPTLC, Ultrasonic interferometer, Seismograph and softwares like MATLAB, MAPPLE, Mathematica, SERFER, IGPET, etc.

 Evidence of Success

  • College is recognized as research centre in Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Mathematics disciplines.
  • Five Major Research Projects are completed and some Minor Projects are ongoing of the senior college faculty.
  • 29 Faculty are Ph.D. holders and among them 23 faculty members are recognized research guides pursuing their research.
  • About 102 research fellows are doing their research work in the college.
  • In last five years 282 research papers are published in national and international research journals having good h-index, i 10 index, SCOPOUS etc.
  • More than 100 students attend Indian Science Congress every year to develop research aptitude among them.
  • 37 researchers completed Ph. D. work during last five years.
  • Data generated in seismic observatory is shared by Govt. of Maharashtra, LIGO India Project (GOI).
  • Institute provides research facility to outside students.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

  • Insufficient financial assistance from the Government of India for research.
  • College cannot afford very costly instruments for research work.
  • Less Industrial collaboration due to lack of industry in the region.