National Service Scheme

N.S.S. was started in our College Since 1970 sustaining good tradition laid down by the college. Presently Dr. D. D. Pawar, Prof. R. A. Muneshwar and

Dr. Mrs. A. R. Shukla are working as a Programme Officer. Keeping in view, valuable contribution in N.S.S. activity of this university Dr. D. D. Pawar is honoured as a Programme Co-ordinator for seven  years. This year the NSS volunteer strength of our college NSS unit is 225 which include 150 boys and 75 girls.

In addition to teaching/ research/ learning, extension activities in connection with academic programmes are the third dimension of Higher Education. Our NSS is trying to link Higher Education with Socio Economic conditions of the society and hence the activities are under taken for the welfare of the weaker section of the society. Many programmes have been planned and executed by the NSS unit. Hence they have made more effective impact on the society.

Aims of NSS Programmes:-

The motto of NSS is “NOT ME, BUT YOU” which expresses the essence of democratic living, respect towards other and selfless service. Aim of our NSS is to promote National Consciousness and sense of social responsibility, inculcation of discipline and dignity of labour and help volunteers to develop total personality.

NSS Programmes:-

NSS programmes are divided into two major groups mainly regular and special camping. Students undertake various programmes in the adopted villages, college campus and slum areas after the college hours. Duration of this service is 120 hours in each academic year. The special camp programmes are 7/10 days duration and organized in the adopted villages. 50 % volunteers are expected to participate in the special camp out of total NSS strength of the unit.

Finance and Accounts:-

An amount of Rs. 225/- per volunteer per annum is enmarked for expenditure on regular activities. Under the special camping programme a provision of Rs. 450/- per volunteer  is made for the special camp. These expenses are mainly for boarding, lodging and transport of the volunteers.

Brief report of NSS Activities:

  1. Blood donations camps are organized twice in the year on the occasion of Swami Ramanand Teerth Birth and Death anniversary. Till today more than 4600 bottles of blood are collected and given to the needy patients.
  2. AIDS awareness programmes are organized in the first week of December. Besides these rallies, essay competition, poster presentation and conferences are also organized for the public awareness.
  3. Red Ribbon Club is constituted in college campus : Various Programmes & trainings are organized through club regarding AIDS awareness.
  4. The Concept of Organ Donation and Body Donation an awareness programs were organized in the community.
  5. To increase voters list and voting percentage an awareness programs were organized.
  6. To increase Soft Skill among the students workshop on Soft Skill Awareness was organized.
  7. Disaster Management group is constituted and training is given to volunteers to help the people who are suffered in the disaster.
  8. Environmental awareness, Eradication of tobaco and superstition, pulse polio, Watershed management, Health and Hygiene’s, Clinning of campus, Personality development etc. programmes are organized as per need of the society and guidelines given by the authority.
  9. Considering the daily need of Bank Account, volunteers helped to peoples for opening the bank account during the Annual camp in the village.
  10. Considering the humanity and social binding volunteers collected Rs: 10,000/- for the village Mali [Pune] Disaster and Rs: 4900/- were collected for family of suicided farmer from their pocket money.

Special Camps organized at the villages:

  1. Sharda Nagar, Sagroli. 2. Vishnupuri 3. Sitakhandi 4. Manjaram 5. Pasadgaon 6. Lahan 7. Osmannagar (3 years regularly camp organized.) 8. At.Post Nila (3 years regularly camp organized). 9. At Post Alegaon.

Awards and Achievements:

  1. Received the State level best college NSS unit and Best Programme Officer Award 2004-05 to Dr. D. D. Pawar by the Dept. of Higher and Technical Education, Govt. of Maharashtra Mumbai.
  2. Received the State level Best Programme Coordinator Award 2009-10 to Dr. D. D. Pawar by the Dept. of Higher and Technical Education, Govt. of Maharashtra Mumbai.
  3. Patange Kailash received the State Level Best Volunteer Award from the Dept. of Higher and Technical Education, Govt. of Maharashtra Mumbai.
  4. Patange Kailash, Mane Rohini and Solanke Adinath received university level best NSS volunteer award.
  5. Rohini Mane has got an opportunity to participate in the State Level Republic Day Pared.
  6. Done Gajanan Kadam Bhaghwan Kauthekar Sainath, Padole Sheetal , Suryawanshi Sweeta got opportunity to participate in National Level Camp.
  7. Kailsh Patange, Rohini Mane, Adinath Solanke and Solanke Akshay has got opportunity to participate in the National level Youth Adventure Camp organized by Govt. of India at the Manali (Himachal Pradesh) and own special prize in the camp.
  8. D.D.Pawar got opportunity to conduct State Level Disaster Management Camp (AVHAN) at the SRTMU Nanded.(2-13 June 2013)
  9. University has made a provision of additional 5 marks for NSS volunteers who fulfils following conditions-
    1. NSS work of 240 hours in two years.
    2. Participation in one specific camp
    3. Blood donation/ one National / one State Level NSS camp completed .

Participation of Volunteers in National / State / District level camps:

Sr. No. Year University level District level State level National level Other camp.
1 2011-12 06 12 10 03 26
2 2012-13 08 09 11 02 17
3 2013-14 07 13 16 01 29
4 2014-15 11 10 12 02 28
5 2015-16 10 15 18 03 32
6 2016-17 15 17 08 02 25

Blood Bottle Units Collected during 2011-2016:


Year 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
Bottles collected 170 175 160 172 176 191


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